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DAILY ACTIVITIES - PHẬT SỰ HẰNG NGÀY         Français     Việt Ngữ 


WEEKEND   _________________________________________________


This day is reserved for the preparation of Sunday’s activities and to do other works required for the maintenance and development of the Centre. However, we might occasionally open CLASSES to teach disciples on special topics related to the Ritual or Dharma Studies and Practice. Some RETREATS might be organized as well at our Centre on the weekend or for a longer period of time.


Every Sunday

At 2:00 PM, a session of PUBLIC TALK, or DHARMA TEACHING, INITIATION / EMPOWERMENT or PRAYER is offered at our Centre. ( See Schedules for more details )


WEEKDAYS   _________________________________________________

From Monday to Friday

Except the time reserved for our own Dharma Practice or RETREAT, and the daily Session of Lecture and Translation of Sutras, Dharma teachings and books, we provide people the service of Special Prayers (Puja) related to their problems and needs at home, at the Centre or at the Communities.


Occasion dharma activities with various Communities & Temples, Public talks and Teachings at School, College, University or Conference Centre


DAILY PRACTICES   ____________________________________________


Under the guidance of His Eminence Tulku Neten Rinpoche   


Every tantric initiation entails some commitments and highest yoga tantra (anuttarayoga tantra) initiations come with a special set of commitments that includes the daily practice of six-session guru yoga, bodhisattva and tantric vows, and self-generation deity yoga.




Six-Session Guru Yoga: Practice of the Spiritual Teacher Devotion (Thun drug gi rnal byor rgyas pa)

The foundation of All Good Qualities depends on our devotion, pure and faithful relationship with the teacher.

This practice is the Root of the Path to Enlightenment. ( 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the evening )


   1. Generating Enthusiasm for Serving a Spiritual Teacher - Benefits and disadvantages  

       Devotion to a Spiritual Teacher through Thought

       Devotion to a Spiritual Teacher through Action 


  2. Taking Refuge to the Three Jewels, generating bodhicitta, practising four immeasurables and seven-limbs,

      offering Mandala, visualizing and requesting inspiration and realizations from the Spiritual Master (Guru).

      This unites our mind and the mind of the Guru in order to receive blessings and generate realizations

      on the path to enlightenment.  


Bodhisattva and Tantric Vows ( 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the evening )


The Buddha Establishing The Three Pledges (Thupa Dhamtsik Sumko)

The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land Tushita (Ganden Lha Gyal Ma), Migtsema, The Seven Wisdoms

Maitreya Buddha

Medicine Buddhas

Amitabha Buddha

Avalokiteshvara Buddha of Compassion

Mother Buddha Green Tara & Twenty-one Taras  ( 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the evening )

Lama Chopa (Guru Puja)


Practice of "Ngos dro": 100,000 Taking Refuge to the Guru (Teacher), Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; 100,000 Prostrations; 100,000 Mandala Offerings; 100,000 Water Offerings





Including all above Individual Practice


The Glorious Solitary Hero Vajrabhairava Yamantaka

(bcom ldan das dpal rdo rje jigs byed dpa bo gcig pai sgrub thabs bdud las rnam rgyal gyi ngag don). The wrathful emanation of Buddha of Wisdom Manjushri and is a yidam deity of the Father and Mother classes of the Highest Yoga Tantra (anuttarayoga tantra).


Vajrayogini (Dorje Naljorma)

The sambhogakaya form of Buddha of wisdom and great bliss. She is the meditational female deity of the Chakrasamvara (Korlo Dechog) who is the principal yidam and Heruka, and is considered to be of the Mother class of the Highest Yoga Tantra (anuttarayoga tantra).


Vajrapani, Hayagriva, Garuda (Ta Chak Khyung Sum)


CLASSES ________________________________________________



His Eminence Tulku Neten Rinpoche trains his translator-interpreter Nguyen Mai-Phuong   to translate from Tibetan language into English, French and Vietnamese.


Class of Advanced Buddhist Philosophy studies in Tibetan language (reading and writing)



RITUAL CLASS:  ( occasionally organized ) His Eminence Tulku Neten Rinpoche teaches disciples how to pray sutras in Tibetan language, to use the ritual instruments, to practise the mudras and to make Tormas (ritual cake) using oatmeal, candle and butter and to make other objects of offering.











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