Tsen nyen du tsi sil gar tra mo yang

Si shi tsi me pel yon kun chak pe

Nyam ngi thung trok chom den tse yi lha

Kun ghi deng dir shi pi ga ton tsol




Even the slightest resonance of your illustrious name

Is endowed with glory of immortality, of world and the beyond

O Lords of Life, who undermine the laments of sufferings

Today you must grant us the feast of auspiciousness


Mang tho jin ne sam gom ten khe ki

Lung tok TEN pa ZIN la da drel shing

Drang ye dro la GE LEK chok tsel wi

Da me she nyen chok la sol wa dep


Possessing great learning and being well-versed and committed to morality

You are unsurpassed in upholding the teachings of scripture and realization (TENZIN)

You are the source of virtue and excellence for countless beings (GELEK)

I supplicate to you, unsurpassable noble master


Rab jyam shing ghi tsi me dhu tsi chud

Gang gi sang sum pel du nyer du ne

Ku tsei rik zin nye pei ga ton chok

Kel sang dul jei pel du yong chod shok


Gathering the essential nectar of immortality from infinite pure realms

Upon the secret dimension of your glorious body, speech and mind

May you enjoy, in abundance, the supreme feast of immortal attainment

For the wellbeing of the fortunate beings


Nam dak trim ki thuk gud yong su tam

So me nying je shen don kho na shol

Dul ja je su zin pai thap la khe

Dro wai dren pa chen por tak ten shok


Permeating your mental continuum with perfect moral ethic

Solely striving for the benefit of others out of intolerable compassion

And skillfully holding the untamed beings in your loving care

May you live steadfast as the sublime guide for all beings


Lob sang ring luk nam thar tsang me zum

Khe tsun sang poi lap su drol wa yi

She drup sung du drel way trin le ki

Ga ton kyel gyar kyong shin shap ten shok


Through the liberating approach of learning, virtue and nobility

May you crystallize the immaculate tradition of Lobsang (Lord Tsongkhapa)

By fostering the feast of activities combined with teaching and practice

May your lotus feet remain for hundreds of eons


Lu me chok sum den pei chin lap thang

Cho ying nam dak ten drel lu me thu

Dak gi lhak sam dak pai nu top ki

Ji tar mon shin de lak drup gyur chik


By the blessings of truth from the infallible three supreme jewels

By the power of pure and unerring reality of interdependence

And by the mighty strength of my own pure motivation

May whatever I aspired be effortlessly fulfilled


As per the request made along with gifts by the relatives and other students of His Eminence Neten Choktrul Rinpoche Tenzin Gelek of Seramey Pom, this supplication prayer for his long life known as Bestower of Splendor of Immortality was written with prayers by the one named Dhaktri Reincarnate (His Eminence Sakya Dhakchen). May it be accomplished thus!


November 11, 2010







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